[ANN] binutils-2.9.4-19991107 for Cygwin b20.1

Mumit Khan khan@nanotech.wisc.edu
Mon Nov 8 11:44:00 GMT 1999

Thanks to Tor Lillqvist for reminding me that a new feature in GCC
2.95.2 (DATA items in DLL exports are tagged specially to avoid runtime
crashes in favor of link time failure), the binutils 2.9.4 distributed
with Cygwin b20.1 needs to be updated.

Please download the binaries from:


It also contains gprof.exe binary for profiling support.

Cygwin specific changes from binutils-2.9.4 in Cygwin b20.1:

  - support for user-created sections (it's now writable as it should be).
    Useful for creating thread local storage (.tls section) among other 
  - support for creating shared segments. Used for sharing data items
    among multiple running copies of an executable/DLL.
  - a small fix in windres for correct VERSIONINFO generation.
  - dlltool now parses GCC generated export directives correctly for DATA

The patch against Cygwin b20.1 source is in:


All these changes, except for my Mingw specific hack for Win9x l/fseek
bug, are already incorporated in the binutils development sources.


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