X11 include files with Cygwin V1.0

Dtcohen@aol.com Dtcohen@aol.com
Mon Nov 8 11:09:00 GMT 1999

Hello Cygnus,

I had a problem this last weekend where one of my applications
was core dumping.  After tracing it down, I found that it was because
it was using the X11R5 include files supplied with Cygwin v1.0 and then
linking with Siddiqi's X11R6.x XFree86 libraries.

Since no X libraries are supplied with Cygwin v1.0, aren't the
include files in /usr/i686-cygwin/include/X11 really of no practical
use?  I would suggest that perhaps they should be deleted from the next
release in order to save people from having similar problems in the future.

Many thanks,

Jim Grishaw.

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