julio santisteban juliosantisteban@hotmail.com
Sun Nov 7 18:15:00 GMT 1999

VIDE it so slow editing I have  PII 266 64RAM win95.
VIDE is good but so slow to typing! I use it to make my MAKE
I still looking for a god IDE I tray RHIDE but it does not work with 
Xwindows(libs) it is fine with Text programs but to link Xlib and other it 
does not work.  because it put other flags.
any one know how to set up RFIDE to work fine with Xlib?

Buy the way  I have got the cygwin2B, I download some files programs that 
work whith  cygwin 1.9 I need just the DLL(1.9)  to runt they?

>There have been several threads lately with editor information
>I would again like to encourage you to check out the
>V IDE. It supports cygwin as an IDE, but it is a really
>good editor, too. It supports a generic Windows-style
>editor, a mnemonic command set called See, and a very
>good Vi emulation. All these are in a standard
>Windows style GUI MDI interface.
>There is also a very comprehensive collection of
>HTML help files for gnu utilities, HTML, and others
>available at the VIDE site.
>Check:  http://www.objectcentral.com/vide.htm

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