Cygwin V1.0 and Win95/98

Earnie Boyd
Sun Nov 7 14:23:00 GMT 1999

--- Robert Svagera <> wrote:
> This might be a FAQ, but I didn't find a definite answer in 
> the archives. The Cygwin V1.0 datasheet lists under supported 
> platforms only: Windows NT 4.0 service patch 3
> Does this mean that it cannot be used under Win95/98 or 
> is it possible to use it with some restrictions as it was 
> possible with previous Cygwin versions and as it is mentioned 
> in Cygwin Whitepaper.

This only means that they, Cygnus the Corporation, will only give support for
this platform.  It should still work with as much or as little problem as before.

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