problem with cygwin: help me please

Sat Nov 6 23:29:00 GMT 1999

>Hi, > >I'm really sorry to bother you with this 
message. > >I' ve just discovered cygwin and I try to install it. 
But I've got some problems. Could you help me? >The trouble is that I am 
not very acquainted with path variables and so on. I'm a student trying to learn 
the C ANSi > >Maybe, it's the cause of my problem. >Well, 
here it is. very simple and quite stupid you'll say. > >I've 
downloaded the full version for Win 98. No problem during install nor using gdb. 
The problem appears when I want to execute the program (file.exe) , a basic one 
my first one :-) > >#include 
<stdio.h> >main() >{printf("hello")} > 
>You see I'm a  pro, isn't it? > > I need the 
cygwin_dll. I have it but I don't know in which folder I should put it. I think 
that's the clue. Don't you think so? Or, is there any other problem? > 
>Anyway, I look forward for your answer. >Again, I'm sorry for 
these questions but I couldn't find answer in the FAQ or somewhere 
else. >Thank you very much > >Best Regards, > 
> >Jacques-Alexis Funel

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