'date' command in Cygwin

fswinnerton fswinnerton@breathemail.net
Tue Nov 2 09:34:00 GMT 1999

I am running Cygwin on my Windows 95 PC haveing 
installed the binary distribution. Last week I ran the 'date' command and found 
that the time reported was 1 hour earlier than it should - ie it was reporting 
GMT rather than taking account of Daylight Saving (BST). As our clocks have now 
gone back the time is correct but only because it defaults to GMT. Next Spring 
it will all go horribly wrong again!
The Cygwin date command gives -> Tue 
Nov  2 17:31:16  1999 whereas the 
MKS Toolkit gives    -> Tue Nov  2 17:31:48 GST 
How can I get Cygwin 'date' to recognize the 
timezone on a Win95 (or NT4) machine?
Frank Swinnerton

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