inputrc and bash_history

Halim, Salman
Mon Nov 1 12:47:00 GMT 1999


i'm using windows nt.  i just got the b20 from the site day before yesterday
and can't get bash to read my inputrc or my bash_history.  after looking at
the archives of the email list i found that the files have to be in unix
format.  i converted my bash_history to unix format (opened it up in an
editor and saved as 'unix' format) and restarted bash to find it worked.
however, bash rewrites it upon exit with extra ^M's in there.

i can't get my inputrc to be read no matter what i do, unix format or
anything else.  the files are definitely where they're supposed to be; i
even set the INPUTRC and HISTFILE environment variables.

any suggestions?  i like bash and will continue to use it, but it would be
nicer if i could get this stuff to work.

thank you in advance!

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