B20.1 -- bash issue (maybe bash, maybe something else)

Davy Durham ddurham@netdoor.com
Mon Jul 26 00:37:00 GMT 1999

If I type (at the prompt):

echo qwer asdf zxcv | read a b c
echo $a

shouldn't I get "qwer" from $a?

Well, it's not setting $a to "qwer" .. Perhaps this is because read is
executed as another process and when read exits, its environment space
is discarded (discarding the value of $a that I needed).....   I don't
think this is the desired behavior.. I can do it in ksh on solaris, and
it does what I expect... in cygwin-bash I'm not getting what I
expect..... Please explain...

Please email me as I am not a member of the mailing list:


David W. Durham
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