Libwww again

Geoff Appleby
Wed Jul 7 20:30:00 GMT 1999

Mumit Khan wrote:

> On Thu, 8 Jul 1999, Geoff Appleby wrote:
> > I asked a fair while ago if libwww could be compiled under cygwin.
> > I got a yes answer *grin* and then discovered that basically I'd
> > installed cygwin badly,
> > but fixed it up and it compiles :).  Now i'm wondering, and I haven't
> > been able to find any
> > answer anywhere else ( :P ) if it will compile with -mno-cygwin?
> It may, but then again it may not ;-) Mingw, which is what mno-cygwin
> implies, uses MS runtime which lacks lot of the POSIX goodies that we
> take for granted in Cygwin. If libwww doesn't use it, then you're fine.
> However, unless someone has ported the networking code to use MS-style
> Winsock instead of POSIX/BSD sockets, then the obvious answer is no, it
> doesn't work using -mno-cygwin.

Does anyone know if/when socket support will be ported?

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