A few different questions. Long.

Chris Faylor cygwin@sourceware.cygnus.com
Sun Jul 4 09:32:00 GMT 1999

On Sun, Jul 04, 1999 at 02:10:38PM +1000, Geoff Appleby wrote:
>Many programs that I try to install fail doing ./configure when looking
>for gcc's ld.  The only way i've got around this is to manually edit
>the script and specifiy my ld program.  Any ideas?

Unless you're seeing something different than I, the configure script
is not actually failing.  It's issuing a warning and defaulting to
using "ld" from your PATH which should be ok if you've set up everything

>Both with the gcc that comes with the cygwin download, and the latest
>egcs i compiled the other day, when configure scripts check for whether
>shared objects can be created, it says no.  Is this where I start
>learning how to make dll's and stuff?


>If a program I compile breaks, and writes a core file (eg,
>MyProg.exe.core), is just the gdb that came with the cygwin download
>unable to read core files, or is it just not possible on cygwin?

As has been mentioned many many many times on this mailing list, the
*.core files that cygwin creates are simple ascii files.  They are
intended for human consumption not gdb.  I've changed the name of these
files to something.stackdump in recent snapshots to work around this

You can (tediously) decode the addresses in the file via addr2line.

If you run your program under gdb it will operate just like under UNIX
and stop at the offending instruction which caused the core dump.

>Chmod - does it work? Whenever i chmod anything it never actually

set CYGWIN=ntea

will provide you with more permissions.  Watch out, though, if you use
this on a FAT partition it will create a large file which is not easily


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