path recognition problem in make.exe

Earnie Boyd
Fri Dec 31 13:28:00 GMT 1999

--- wrote:
> Yes I have c mount point and there is no warning message when I mount c: as
> /c.
> In addition all refereces to /c and //c are resolved properly within bash
> shell
> and the problem starts when make starts processing /c path. I am using 'pwd'
> utility to provide root point for the s/w build. Depending wheter c: is
> mounted
> as /c the path returned from pwd is either /c/home/adamc (c: mounted as /c
> and
> as /) or /home/adamc  (c: mounted only as /).
>  I have a strange feeling that it may be related to the way I build make.exe.
> I
> used Visual C++ to build make.exe what means that I am using Windows DLL's. I
> am
> wondering about rebuilding it again using Cygnus gcc compiler. This way I
> hope I
> will use cygnus1.dll instead of Windows one. Do you think it may be the
> reason?
> In such a case it should also be a problem with make.exe that was build in
> ming32 environment, isn't it?

AFAIK, non-cygwin programs will _NOT_ understand the Cygwin mount table.  Since
you built make as a Win32 program and therefore non-cygwin then it is
definitely your problem.  I hope you saved the original make.exe, if not good
luck on getting it built.

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