RCS 5.7 make to big *,v-Files

Chris Faylor cgf@cygnus.com
Fri Dec 31 13:28:00 GMT 1999

On Sat, Dec 04, 1999 at 02:01:19PM -0800, Josh Baudhuin wrote:
>A further note: You can also build the RCS 5.7 sources as a native Win32 app
>with what's in the package (there's an extra pre-config'd makefile that
>supports various DOS/Win32 compilers). This build handles the CRLF stuff
>without any hassle (converts \n to \r\n on checkout and back to \n on
>checkin). It also has allows a pseudo soft-link RCS directory (create a file
>called RCS which contains the pathname of the appropriate RCS directory
>where the archive files are really stored). I don't know how well these
>Win32 versions would work w/ the stdio of cygwin (shell, etc.), though...

It's likely that this will not work well with cygwin since it will not
incorporate cygwin's path handling.


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