bash under emacs (NT)

David Robinow
Fri Dec 31 13:28:00 GMT 1999

--- Rob Chansky <> wrote:
> I have a problem running bash under
> emacs- I managed to get
> it to call bash correctly, but once I have the
> prompt I can't seem to
> get it to remove ^M's that are mucking it up
> somehow. ...
> I have looked and looked through cygwin's docs,
> faq's and mailing list
> archives and haven't found anything relevant.
 This is an emacs problem, not a cygwin problem.
I believe this problem is fixed in emacs-20.4 and
 I think there's a workaround for 20.3 but I'm not
sure what it is.
 If you follow the NTemacs faq at
you will be referred to
 type bash in the search box and you should be on
your way.

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