blocking select masks out X events

Suhaib M. Siddiqi
Fri Dec 31 13:28:00 GMT 1999

Though a bit late, I hope it helps.
You might consider upgrading your Hummingbird XDK to version 6.2, which
MingW32 and Cygwin.
The Hummingbird 6.1 and earlier versions libraries if produced using
would give problems.

If you use Hummingbird XDK 6.2, make sure you add -DWIN32 to your flag line
in Makefile
otherwise Hummingbird MOTIF headers would return sytex errors.

In case you have MOTIF 2.1.12 source code, I could give you the Makefile
(*.cf)and patches
to compile MOTIF 2.1.12 using MingW32 or Cygwin, which definitely would
behave much better
then Hummingbird XDK libs.  Hummingbird XDK libs have dependencies on
Hummingbird DLLs thus some
nasty stuff to glue the compiled executables to Hummingbird servers.



I have installed b20.1 and am using it together with gcc 2.95.2, and
gdb 4.17.1. I am currently porting a Motif application, and (as I can
not use LessTif due to its lack of uil support), I am using the X and
Motif libraries of Hummingbird's Exceed XDK. I have run across a
problem and was wondering if anybody out there would know some help:

A blocking select (struct timeval *ptr = NULL) on stdin seems to mask
out Hummingbird X events when I run a generated executable from the
command line. As far as I know, the Hummingbird libraries were compiled
with b19.1. The problem disappears when I run my code under gdb.

Any ideas ?


        Roland Ruehl.

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