Problem with make and shells

Andy Hare
Fri Dec 31 13:28:00 GMT 1999

Sorry Guys, what a stupid mistake. Removing the PATH= part and the problem
has gone away.

Cheers for the help. DOH!!!

Andy Hare
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Subject: Problem with make and shells

> Hi,
>     I am running b20.1 under Nt and win95. I have a makefile that calls
> itself to make different targets. However, it produces a command not found
> error when it tries to run the gcc. Actually as this is cross compiler
> system the actual gcc being run is called arm-elf-gcc.exe and it is held
> another directory that is on the path. If the makefile is modified such
> it does not call make then the gcc is found and all is ok.
> Below is the output of the command:
> bash-2.02$ make angel
> make ledblink.bin PATH=angel_obj OBJ=angel_obj/ DEBUG="AT91_DEBUG_ANGEL=1"
> make[1]: Entering directory `/c/cygnus/xgcc-arm/eb01/examples/led_blink'
> arm-elf-gcc.exe -DAT91M40400=1 -DAT91EB01=1 -g -c
> ../../library/init/in_main.c -
> oangel_obj/in_main.o
> make[1]: arm-elf-gcc.exe: Command not found
> make[1]: *** [angel_obj/in_main.o] Error 127
> make[1]: Leaving directory `/c/cygnus/xgcc-arm/eb01/examples/led_blink'
> make: *** [angel] Error 2
> bash-2.02$
>  Is this a standard problem and if so how do I get round it.
> I really need the ability to have multiple targets in the one makefile
> use different object file directories, hence the requrement for the make
> call.
> Andy Hare
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