Problem building CVS-1.10.x

Fri Dec 31 13:28:00 GMT 1999


Not that this helps your compiling problem but do you realise that the
Cygwin client binaries (I have only used the CD ver) will handle Unix-based
source-code, i.e. no end-of-line conversion.

I use (on Win2k, fat32) the std CD version of cvs (Ver 1.10)  with pserver
and SSH (Ver 1.2.27) from Sergey Okhapkin site.


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Subject: Problem building CVS-1.10.x

> All,
> This one's got me stumped, and I cannot find anything relevant in the
> archives.  I need to build a version of CVS 1.10.x which will properly
> handle Unix-based source-code, i.e. no end-of-line conversion.  Step one
> was to build CVS "out of the box" for a baseline.  Unfortunately, I'm
> unable to construct a working copy!  I seem to remember being able to do
> this last year, and I have numerous per-compiled binaries from the net to
> prove it's possible.
> The build proceeds without any errors, but whenever I try to checkout
> anything from a remote repository (using pserver), this error occurs:
> cvs.exe [checkout aborted]: writing to server: The descriptor is a file,
> not a socket
> This is consistant across three different versions of CVS, 1.10, 1.10.5
> and (latest and greatest).  The message is emitted by a section
> of code which attempts to flush a buffer back to the server (in client.c,
> I believe).  Basic communication between client and server is happening,
> since I'm able to do the initial cvs login!
> I can't see anything overtly wrong with the subject code, and no one else
> seems to have this problem.  Any hints as to what's wrong?  
> Again, using any of the pre-compiled binaries under Cygwin works just
> fine.  So, it's _not_ a setup or user problem.
> Steve
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