Problem building CVS-1.10.x

Trevor Forbes
Fri Dec 31 13:28:00 GMT 1999


Just for interest, I compiled the latest cvs source (ccvs and it
compiled perfectly with no errors. (Although I do get a warning about some
new feature not activated, it is significantly faster)

As stated previously, I have Cygwin CD Version 1 (retail package) and since
I installed it, my setup problems have reduced significantly.  It does not
solve all problems and has its own problems, but for me, I have never looked
back since installing it.  (Pity there is no patches for the cd released
other than snapshots).

Anyway, I think your problems will go away if you reinstall your setup from
*scratch* and install the "full" latest snapshot (not just the cygwin1.dll).

Just my opinion


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> > <sigh>, no my immediate problem is _not_ the line endings.  It's the
> > that I'm unable to compile a working version of cvs-1.10.x.  It builds
> > without incident or error.  When I try to use it by doing, e.g.
> >
> > $ cvs co CVSROOT
> >
> > (against my own server)
> >
> > it spits out:
> >
> > cvs.exe [checkout aborted]: writing to server: The descriptor is a file,
> >  not a socket
> >
> > and dies.  This is the problem I need to solve.  Once I can get it
> > to begin with, I'll worry about modifying it to preserve line-endings.
> >
> > For whatever reason, no one else is reporting this runtime error.  The
> > error is coming from a section of code that tries to flush a buffer back
> > to the server in client.c of cvs.
> It sounds as if it's time to use gdb, use a previous version, or ask your
> question on a cvs user list.  I have the Cygwin CD Version 1 (retail
> and it has CVS-1.10 built already as a contributed package.
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