Getting rid of the CR

Andre Oliveira da Costa
Fri Dec 31 13:28:00 GMT 1999

> Not asking would be stupid.

I thought that too ;)

> What does you CYGWIN variable look like?  What version of the
> cygwin dll are
> you using? (`uname -a')

notitle binmode glob ntea ntsec

uname -a:
CYGWIN_NT-4.0 COSTA   22.0(0.16/3/2) 1999-11-23 09:38:16 i586 unknown

(it corresponds to B20.1 patched with 19991122 snapshot)

> So?  You use a temporary file either way.  It's just that one you
> have to use
> manually while the other is created behind the scenes.

Ok, technically, you're right. Let's just say I'd like to understand why the
different behavior ;)

Best regards,

André Oliveira da Costa

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