Windows/Cygwin directory name stuff

Earnie Boyd
Fri Dec 31 13:28:00 GMT 1999

--- Paul Bailey <> wrote:
> Hi.
> On my Win98 machine, I have a sub-dir called "Installer Programs".  (I also
> have other directory names, and file names, with spaces in them.)
> I installed Cygwin, which went OK.  I was copying and moving files, and
> cd'ing throughout the filesystem.  No problems.  That is, until this:
> cd Installer Programs
> It wouldn't let me.  I tried
> cd InstallerPrograms
> cd Installer_Programs
> cd Installer-Programs

cd Installer\ Programs
cd 'Installer Programs'

both of these should work.

> Nothing doing.  Eventually I got there through:
> cd Installer*
> Fortunately I only have the one directory starting with the word
> "Installer".
> I searched throught the Web for some kind of information on spaces in Unix
> filenames.  What little turned up was succinct one-liners, to the tune of
> "Don't use white space in filenames."  Good advice for a Unix-only box, but
> I *already* have the directories and files named as they are!

Spaces in filenames is absolutely _not_ a good feature.

> Is there some mechanism to navigate in bash through a filesystem where
> directories have spaces in their names?  (I mean, I know Unix sees separate
> words after a command as an argument list, but that doesn't apply in the
> case of "cd" since I don't think you can cd into two separate directories
> simultaneously, in the same shell, at the same time.)

Also in bash, you can use what is know as "Tab Completion".  E.G.:

cd Inst<tab>

this will complete the file name for you.  This will complete the filename for
you.  It will ring the bell if there is ambiguity.  CAUTION: Don't hit the
<tab>  as the first character of the command.


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