gcc 2.95.2 on Cygwin

sinisa@mysql.com sinisa@mysql.com
Fri Dec 31 04:16:00 GMT 1999


I would like to report some heavy bugs in gcc 2.95.2 on Cygwin on NT
4.0 SP3.

I have used happily 2.95.2 to produce exactly the same version of my
program on Linux, Solaris and all BSD variants. 

However on Cygwin b20.1, I had sever problems. My program comprises C
libs for MySQL C API, C++ lib for MySQL C++ API, fltk lib and sources.

I have installed full.exe, and after that gcc by untarring it in
/cygnus/cygwin directory. In everything I followed precisely
instructions. I must point out, that I have not installed other tools, 
like binutils or win-api binaries from the same ftp directory.

This mail simply serves the purpose of whether you would like more
detailed info on the source itself.

Well, with -O3 option, my program core dumped and receives 100
SIGTRAPs in various points in the code. Also, fltk's method
timeout_callback, which relies on poll and select methods, did not
work at all !! Many SIGSGV's were present !!

With -O0 things went better and number of SIGTRAPs was significantly
reduced, and SIGSEGV's reduced to three.

When I erased everything, reinstalled just full.exe and recompiled
everything with old compiler that comes with full.exe, everything
works. No SIGTRAP's, no SIGSEGV's, timeout works. Without a single
change of code !!

Thanks in advance,


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