makeinfo barfs at relative path includes and \r line terminators
Thu Dec 30 17:05:00 GMT 1999

I'm sure this has been covered earlier, but now that we have been handed 
working copies of info.exe  (thanks to Chuck Wilson and others), I've found 
out the work-arounds to get makeinfo to run on the gcc-2.96 source 

As I recommended previously, 'gzip -r texinfo' so that you do not attempt to 
replace the makeinfo which comes with cygwin.

Remove all \r line terminators from the .texi files in gcc and gcc/f.  The 
distribution has a number of these, but many of the files have none.  I 
suppose this could be reported to gcc-bugs, but maybe it's a bug in cygwin 
makeinfo as well, that it cannot accept \r where the usual gnu makeinfo does.

Find all the @include's in these files and replace them with absolute paths.  
Is this a Windows version-dependent problem?  I'm running Windows 2000 RC2, 
because it is able to complete the testsuite, which neither W95C nor NT4 SP3 
or SP5 could do. 


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