Unable to create a non-blocking socket with cygwin B20

Babu Krishanrao Babu@appliant.com
Thu Dec 30 16:27:00 GMT 1999

Version: Cygwin B20

used "fcntl" call, the solaris binary works well but the windows NT
binary generated using cygwin B20 blocks even after a successful fcntl
call has been made to non-block the socket.

then used ioctl call, the solaris works fine with this too but the
win-NT binary generated using cygwin has problems: the ioctl call
succeeds but the subsiquent connect call gives the following error:
"Connect: No more processes"

Pls let me know if cygwin supports non-blocking sockets

Sharathbabu Krishnarao
Software Consultant
Appliant Inc.,
206-523-9566 ext 105

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