c compiler mmx support

s.rekow s.rekow@sh-home.de
Wed Dec 22 18:12:00 GMT 1999

> Is there win32 penteum compiler ? Does it support mmx?

gcc allready lets you compile for cputargets (like -march=pentiumpro, take a
look at http://egcs.cygnus.com/onlinedocs/gcc_2.html )

or you can rebuild gcc with the pgcc-patch (supports mmx); take a look at
Mumit Kahn's "HOWTO build GCC-2.95.2 on Cygb20.1"

"The Pentium Compiler Group was founded in late '95 to enhance and support
pentium optimization in GCC (the GNU C Compiler). GCC does a very good job
when optimizing, but the Pentium Chip's architecture demanded different
optimization strategies. "

PGCC claims to be up to 30% faster than gcc but has no support for the
latest stuff like PIII's ISSE or K7
btw, stable stuff is merged into gcc after some time


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