Handling of .exe filenames

Andre Oliveira da Costa costa@cade.com.br
Tue Dec 21 04:27:00 GMT 1999


the linker distributed with cygwin creates .exe files by default (i.e. we
don't have to put "-o filename.exe" in our makefiles). "ls" also does this
"translation": for example

ls -l /usr/local/bin/vim


ls -l /usr/local/bin/vim.exe

produce the same results. I was wondering why other tools like strip don't
behave the same. If they did, makefiles created for UNIX would be more
easily ported to cygwin. I'm saying this because the programs I compile
directly from source on cygwin usually break during the install phase,
because either "strip", "cp" or "install" complains that it can't find
"filename" (without the .exe extension). I understand it goes against UNIX
behavior to treat a file differently according to its extension, and I
totally agree with that. But, since we are on this bizarre Micro$oft world,
and "ld" and "ls" have this special handling of executable binaries,
shouldn't this behavior be extended to other utilities as well?


André Oliveira da Costa

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