DLLs and STDCALL functions

Alexandre Jose Reis Santoro santoro@anna.stanford.edu
Mon Dec 20 15:18:00 GMT 1999

Sorry if this is old hat, but I could not find information on it in the
FAQ and repository.

I have no trouble linking to functions in dll files that use the CDECL
	'impdef file.dll > file.def' 
gives me the list of exported functions, and 
	'dlltool --dllname file.dll--def file.def --output-lib libfile.a'
give me the necessary libfile.

However, this same process does not work for functions that conform to the
STDCALL format. I tried adding the '-k' option to dlltool, as well as
editing the def file removing both the leading underscore and the '@nn'
tail of the function name (and combinations thereof). Still no success.

Anyone can help me figure out what I'm doing wrong?

- Alex Santoro (santoro@poset.stanford.edu)

P.S. I'm running version b20 of cygwin.

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