ANNOUNCE selfhosting mingw32

Sun Dec 19 18:27:00 GMT 1999

>    And now the main question: what is _your_ licensing for the stuff?
>Mingw32 is in public domain, if - let my imagination run away with -
>you wouldn't impose too much additional restrictions, then:

You can't pose additional restrictions on L/GPL software.
It would be against the copyleft.
My patches are in the public domain, anyone can use them
for any purpose.
Once my patches are combined with the L/GPL source the
aggregate program is L/GPL, at least that is what the L/GPL
says, no one can change the L/GPL status of a program.

>             Hey, folks, new Posix-on-Win32 implementation
>             emerges, not plagued with GPLedness!!!

There is nothing wrong with GPL'edness, I just choose not
to assign an unneeded, extra copywrite, to Cygnus, or the FSF,
when the L/GPL already specifically handles the situation.

If the L/GPL can't stand on it's own merits, many programmers
have made a mistake in their copywrite decisions.-) 

>Best regards,
> Paul                  

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