compiling help

Joel Guerrero
Fri Dec 17 20:24:00 GMT 1999

I'm trying to compile a code but I get the following error:
g++ -o obj/euler.o -c src/euler.cpp
src/euler.cpp:  In method `void Solver::LSODESIteration()':
src/euler.cpp:6033: warning: assignment to `int'from `double'
src/euler.cpp:6149:  implicit declaration of function `int lsodes_(...)'

make:  ***  [obj/euler.o]  Error 1

I time ago i compile it using gcc 2.95.1, but now i instal the new
version 2.95.2, and i get this error.  Can anyone help me?.  I;m new in
this stuff and i donot have idea of how to solve this problem.


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