Cygwin Install/Upgrade Tips (was: RE: Cygwin upgrade hassles)

Norman Vine
Fri Dec 17 14:07:00 GMT 1999

Gary R. Van Sickle writes:
>I just put up a site that walks you through the
Cygwin b20.1 
>base install and/or update procedures step-by-step.
> Take a look at it here:


>Any comments/questions/flames are welcome.


Gary originally put this page together to help me
install a current 'snapshot' after flailing around for

several days following other suggestions.  

As a seasoned Cygwin user since B16 I was amazed 
at the difficulty I experienced trying to do this.

I found that following Gary's simple instructions I
painlessly able to get a current 'snapshot' Cygwin
up and running.

This included installing Mumit's gcc-2.95.2 release
and C. Wilson's Perl and  usr / local release.

I have since successfuly compiled several large
( Python, FlightGear ) with this setup.

I would suggest however that one make mounts
for all drives in root as Ernie Boyd suggests.

I believe that a simple script could be written that 
would create this system 'automagically' making
Cygwin much more accessible for newbies.

Thanks Gary :)

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