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Earnie Boyd earnie_boyd@yahoo.com
Fri Dec 17 08:24:00 GMT 1999

--- Jean-Paul Le Fevre <J-P.LeFevre@cea.fr> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm having some difficulties with SSH, Cygwin, under NT.
> - First I tried to play with the version 1.2.27.
>   But it didn't work, the programs complained that _ctype_ was
>   missing in the cygwin1.dll. In the archive of this mailing list
>   Sergey mentionned that his updated version of the library fixes
>   the problem. So I installed it but it didn't change anything.
>   I've checked carefully that no other versions of the lib are
>   present, that _ctype_ is found with nm(1) in the lib.
>   Cygcheck -s shows a normal config. So I can't figure out what's
>   wrong.
> - I gave a try to version 1.2.26. Most of the commands work fine,
>   except ssh-agent. It fails with the message :
>   "Bad modes or owner for directory '/tmp/ssh-lefevre'"
>   This directory is correctly created but it's not owned by me but
>   by a user named "admin".
> - I think that I created this account some months (or years) ago and that
>   I used it to install cygwin. I've set up a passwd and a group file.
>   But I'm unable to chown existing files. Actually, I'm completely
>   confused with ownership and groups : being me (lefevre) if I create
>   a new file, this file does not belong to me but to admin.
> Help would be welcome ! thank you,

What version of the cygwin1.dll are you using?  The output of uname -a would be
useful.  As far as the files belonging to admin, this is a NT feature; if the
user belongs to the admin group then the files are owned by the Administrator. 
See the ntsec.sgml file in the cygwin-inst snapshot tarball.

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