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Earnie Boyd
Thu Dec 16 10:27:00 GMT 1999

--- John Huddleston <> wrote:
> To Cygwin group,
> I have used Cygnus B20.1 to compile an older version
> of GRASS for an application that we use.  Everything
> went OK but I did have to hack in some changes in
> the Makefiles, the Gmakefiles, and the source.
> Someone from the GRASS organization contacted me
> and asked me to build their most recent 5.0beta6a.
> That's fine; however, I wanted to make the "hacks"
> consistent with your standards for building CygWin
> compliant products.  For instance, would I use a
> "#ifdef Cygnus" to isolate source code?

Hmm... No replys yet.  This one I can answer, #ifdef __CYGWIN__ is the correct
macro check.
> What would I use in the makefiles?

Hmm... Don't know how to answer this.  Suggestion is to take a look at the
documentation for autoconf, automake and existing packages.

> BTW, we are moving behind a firewall soon so I will
> have to unsubscribe and re-subscribe to this list.  The
> id should still work.

Aren't changes fun?  ;^)

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