signal error -3, Win32 error 317

Bob McGowan
Mon Dec 13 12:34:00 GMT 1999

Hi, all,

I am using the cygwin tools to run UNIX developed test scripts in a
WinNT environment.  One of the scripts, every once in a while, will
generate the following error:

1617775739 -1867899777 [main] bash 7805 sig_send: error sending signal
-3 to pid 7805, semaphore 0x8C, Win32 error 317

The first two numbers and the PID values vary, but the signal number,
semaphore value and Win32 error number are consistently the same.

The event does not appear to cause any problem with the script itself,
since it continues to run.  I am curious if anyone can tell me what is
happening here.  Is there a bug that I have uncovered or am I just
pushing the limits of the system?

The basic operation of the the script is to copy a directory tree with
files from a source to a destination and compare the two trees.  If no
differences are found, delete the destination and repeat.  If there are
differences, exit.  The script uses a function to run the copy, compare,
delete sequence, which is put in the background.  There will be one or
more copies of this function running, depending on the load I want to
produce on the the hardware being tested.  The only difference from the
UNIX side (which I have used successfully for a several years) is that
there is no "dircmp" script available with cygwin, so I made a simple
one, also as a function, in the script itself.  The script uses 'find'
to generate the list of files to copy, 'cpio' to copy them using '-dmp'
options, the 'dircmp' function to check the copies, and 'rm -rf' to
delete them.

In this specific case, there are 3 copies of the top script running,
with 6 test directories each, a total of 18 copy/compare/delete cycles
running concurrently.  I can supply the script and my general setup if

Bob McGowan
Staff Software Quality Engineer
VERITAS Software

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