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Georg Fusz fusz@cadlab.tu-berlin.de
Mon Dec 13 03:33:00 GMT 1999

Dear Patric,

I think you have done a great work with your page about the editors.

Here is another free editor : MicroEmacs it loads much faster as the
Emacs, but is very similar to the original Emacs. The home page is:

Maybe you can answer in your page also for the following questings:

Is the editor also avaiable for unix as source-code?

Has the editor the a unix- or a windows feeling?

Some remarks about the Emacs:

The binaries for WinNt are easy to install.
The source-code-distrubution is on solaris, irix and HP-UX easy to
install, that the unixes we use.

Together with a lot of compilers( at least the gnu compilers) it works
good together. I mean compiling from the editor and finding compiling-
and linking errors. 

The editor works very well with RCS, a version ( revision ) controll

The using of the GDB-debugger was difficault for me under WinNT. 

The Emacs is fine for writing Latex.

For me: The Emacs is all I need.
Greetings from Berlin 
Georg Fusz

home-page: http://cadence.fb12.tu-berlin.de/~fusz/

Universitaet: +49 30 314 26 884
privat:     : +49 30 815 30 32
Handy:      : +49 173 20 10 696

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