fopen() and CON

Andre Oliveira da Costa
Fri Dec 10 14:10:00 GMT 1999

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> It depends on what you mean by "should".  If it was up to me, the answer
> would be "no".  If it is up to Microsoft, the answer is "yes".  Cygwin
> can't override the underlying OS.

I agree with you: IMHO, fopen("", "w") should _not_ open the terminal
device (CON). But, thanks to Micro$oft, WYEINWYG (What You Expect Is Not
What You Get). I understand that Cygwin is bound to the underlying OS,
which, unfortunately, is a s* one. You guys are doing a _great_ job, keep it
going =)

> I'm not aware of any way to override this.  I suppose that on NT you
> could open the file in POSIX mode, but cygwin has no way of doing this
> via fopen.

Yeah, never mind... I've already tweaked my program to write to
FILENAME_.html instead of FILENAME.html (so that it will generate CON_.html
instead of CON.html). I just wanted to check it out because there might have
been a chance I was forgetting something really basic, or it could be some
problem with Cygwin.

Thanks a lot for your attention.

Best regards,

André Oliveira da Costa

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