Problem with tar

Morten Eriksen
Wed Dec 8 02:29:00 GMT 1999

[I had a problem with random hangs when ssh'ing into a WinNT server
and running Cygwin tar remotely.]

Just in case anyone is interested; it seems that the problem goes away
when I run tar without the verbose option. So this hangs in random
places at random times (with GNU tar 1.12, NT sshd v1.2.26, HP-UX ssh

$ ssh -x -n -l administrator <ntserver> "/bin/tar cvzf <arch> <dir>"

..while this works with no problems:

$ ssh -x -n -l administrator <ntserver> "/bin/tar czf <arch> <dir>"

I'll leave it at that, since it now Works For Me.

Morten Eriksen

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