path recognition problem in make.exe
Tue Dec 7 20:40:00 GMT 1999

It looks like that make.exe (rev 3.77)  does not recognise pathnames that start
from '/' + 'drive name'. When I mounted c: drive as /c my software build
collapsed due to the unrecognised path names. The output of executing 'make -d'

BASH.EXE-2.02$ make -d
Updating goal targets....
     File '/c/home/adamc/afc/OS9_68k_v3.0.3' does not exist.

When I changed the path name to ' /home/adamc/afc/OS9_68k_v3.0.3' (with c:
mounted as /) everything starts working fine. I traced the make sources
up to the "update_file_l()" function in the "remake.c" module and I found the
following code that I think is responsible for my problem:

this_mtime = file_mtime (file);
check_renamed (file);
noexist = this_mtime == (time_t) -1;
if(noexist )
     DEBUGPR ("File '%s' does not exist.\n");

Can anyone help me PLEASE to find solution to this problem :)

By the way '//c/home/adamc/afc/OS9_68k_v3.0.3' path name is also not recognised.


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