MAKE_MODE changes

Eric Christopher
Tue Dec 7 17:01:00 GMT 1999

I have a customer complaining about make under a dos window.  Here's a
brief summary of the problem:

Please crearte makefile.
go to DOS command shell.
In the directory with makefile type:
>ren makefile MAKEFILE
and type
MAKE.EXE: *** No targets. Stop.
but when you do
>ren MAKEFILE makefile
and then
make will find makefile and run correctly

I've also seen a notation in the make sources for this:

Pathnames and Case insensitivity:

        Unlike Unix, Windows 95/NT systems are case insensitive but case
        preserving.  For example if you tell the file system to create a
        file named "Target", it will preserve the case.  Subsequent
        access to the file with other case permutations will succeed 
        (i.e. opening a file named "target" or "TARGET" will open the

        For example, the following makefile will create a file named
        Target in the directory subdir which will subsequently be used
        to satisfy the dependency of SUBDIR/DepTarget on SubDir/TARGET.
        Without HAVE_CASE_INSENSITIVE_FS configured, the dependency link
        will not be made:

                touch $@
        SUBDIR/DepTarget: SubDir/TARGET
                cp $^ $@

        Reliance on this behavior also eliminates the ability of GNU
        make to use case in comparison of matching rules.  For example, 
        it is not possible to set up a C++ rule using %.C that is
        than a C rule using %.c.  GNU make will consider these to be the
        same rule and will issue a warning.

I'd like to make this behavior the default for MAKE_MODE = win32.  Can
anyone see a problem with this or have any problems with it?  This seems
to be a reasonable and even expected behavior under a dos window.



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