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Darxus darxus@Op.Net
Tue Dec 7 09:33:00 GMT 1999

I'm sure many of you have also been looking for this for some time.  A
number of you have probably also found references to this free MicroImages
X server, and excitedly followed the links, only to find that it is
nolonger free.

Well, at the above url, you'll find the old, free version.  

I would love to see a full Linux distribution released under cygwin (I'm
partial to Debian).  I'm not the only person who thinks an X server usable
under win32 is one of the biggest hurdles.  So I hope the cygwin/xfree86
project has some good success.

I got it from a friend who had it on his hard drive from when he installed
it.  The .zip file contains the original install files.  I'm glad I
finally found somebody who had it and didn't delete it.

I feel obligated to mention that I have not had the opportunity to
virus-scan this thing, and can make no promises that it is actually a
pristine, untainted copy of the original.  But it hasn't eaten my computer
yet, and has actually done what I wanted it to.

I haven't used it w/ cygwin yet, since i haven't yet installed cygwin on
this machine -- I've only tested it by remotely running X apps on Linux
boxes on this lan.  

Somebody should be curious... to do apps remotely, telnet into the remote
unix box, set your environment variable "DISPLAY" equal to YourIP:0 where
"YourIP" is the IP address of the machine running the X server.  Then just
run your X apps.  

Using the bash shell:

 export DISPLAY=YourIP:0

Using csh:

 setenv DISPLAY YourIP:0
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