problem: unresolved references to _errno

Alexander Lüdeke
Tue Dec 7 01:07:00 GMT 1999


I have got a problem. When I'm using the function pow(double,double) of 

 I get this error-message:

gcc -o bruessel main.o bruessel.o ruku.o -s -lm -mno-cygwin

egcs-2.91.57\..\..\..\..\i586-cygwin32\lib/libm.a(w_pow.o): In function 


undefined refer
ence to `__errno'

undefined refer
ence to `__errno'

undefined refer
ence to `__errno'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
MAKE.EXE: *** [bruessel] Error 1

You wrote in a readme file:
At link time your code produces unresolved references to _impure_ptr, 
_ctype_ and/or _errno, among others. ... If you have this problem then 

may have to modify the Mingw32 specs file. I have tried to modify the 

file, but I haven't success. What is the correct path?

Alexander Luedeke

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