exec'ing scripts

Bryan Headley bheadley@larocquetrading.com
Mon Dec 6 11:16:00 GMT 1999

Is there a good rule of thumb to follow when creating scripts for cygwin
1 to run?

Example, I have tkcvs out in my path. It's a unix file (e.g., no \r\n)
and it references /bin/sh and /utils.

/bin and /utils are mountpoints in my system to drive D:\cygwin1.0\bin
and D:\user\utils, respectively. If I try to run tkcvs outside of
/utils, it gives me "/utils/tkcvs - file not found" (This a windows
dialog, not a bash error). If I go into /utils and type "./tkcvs", it
cannot read tcl modules that are "source"d in by tkcvs. It does not seem
to matter whether /bin and /utils are mountpoints or softlinks -- I
tried them both.

1. Is it an issue that / is drive C:  and that everything that is
"cyg-ish" is on drive D:?
2. Why is the win32 kernel getting involved in the loading of tcl
script? I say that because the complaint is a Windows System
    dialog, not a message from bash per se.
     a. My PATH has d:\cygwin10\bin as well as /bin to ensure that
cygwin1.dll is found.

Help? Suggestions?

Bryan W. Headley
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