RCS 5.7 make to big *,v-Files, solution

Georg Fusz fusz@cadlab.tu-berlin.de
Mon Dec 6 10:51:00 GMT 1999

Hello Josh, Michael and all the others !

The package available from ftp.leo. ... has binaries for a lot of
platforms and at least the WIN32 version works very well.

I am not a cygwin user, I use MinGw to compile and an Emacs running
under WinNt.

The only trick is: 
Set your path in a way that the >>diff.exe<<, which comes with RCS,  is
in front of the diff.exe in MinGW and in CygWin.
Or copy all files in RCS packages in gcc-2.95.2/bin; that overwrites the
>>diff.exe<< original in that directory.

Maybe, Mumit should considre to put this diff.exe in his wonderfull

I am not very sure, but I think I have used >>ci<< and >>co<< from the
bash shell from CygWin.


Josh Baudhuin wrote:
> A further note: You can also build the RCS 5.7 sources as a native Win32 app
> with what's in the package (there's an extra pre-config'd makefile that
> supports various DOS/Win32 compilers). This build handles the CRLF stuff
> without any hassle (converts \n to \r\n on checkout and back to \n on
> checkin). It also has allows a pseudo soft-link RCS directory (create a file
> called RCS which contains the pathname of the appropriate RCS directory
> where the archive files are really stored). I don't know how well these
> Win32 versions would work w/ the stdio of cygwin (shell, etc.), though...

Georg Fusz

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