ANN: das blinkenlights 0.0.1 cygwin distro

Marc van Woerkom
Sat Dec 4 16:44:00 GMT 1999

> >Turned out that this is not as easy as I thought. 
> How is downloading the winsup/newlib sources difficult?

The difficulity is getting sure that one has a rather recent
version before ones eyes.

In my case it is about one of the tools, objdump to be precise.
As far as I know, the public source archives are about a year old. 
So the question is, where patches would go.
Quite likely people would mail them to the dev lists.

This leaves searching the archives, searching the site for
interim releases or asking the maintainers.

The easy way I thought of was locating the tree on the web site,
have a short look at the objdump sources and to bugger off.


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