Getting rid of the CR

Andre Oliveira da Costa
Thu Dec 2 12:23:00 GMT 1999


at the risk of asking something really stupid, I'll throw this one:

The scenario: all my include (.h) files were in DOS format (don't ask me
why... maybe because my first installation of B20.1 mounted / as textmode),
and this was confusing gcc's preprocessor. All my mounts are binary now. My
first approach to solve this was this small bash script:


ex $1 << EOF
set ff=unix

(the 'ex' program I'm using is a link to vim 5.5, which is able to convert
DOS-->UNIX by simply setting the appropriate file type)

The script runs without complaints, but doesn't work =T (i.e. the files
remain in DOS mode) The point is: if I do the same ex editing on the command

ex some-file
set ff=unix

it works -- the file is overwritten in UNIX format. Any hint why it doesn't
work on my here document?

BTW: After some useless fight, I modified the script to use 'tr', which gets
the job done as well, but forces me to use a temporary file...


André Oliveira da Costa

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