Give-me your opinion please

Geraldo Lopes
Thu Dec 2 09:37:00 GMT 1999


I want to develop a portable application that will run in Windows and
Linux. I've choosed the database (mysql), but I don't know how I'm going
to build interface .

I doesn't matter if it is going to be character based or graphical. Here
in Brazil there are many DOS programs in the market, in fact, in my
niche the good programs are written to DOS. I'm worried about
productivity and portability. My background is Turbo Pascal, Delphi,
Windows and as you can see I'm new to C++ world, but I can't wait until
Borland make Delphi for Linux to have a linux application.

I want to hear your opinion about what library I should use. This is
crucial to my project, and in my city (and many cities around) there
isn't any kind of unix application development under way, therefore I
highly depend on the support of this list.

Thanks in advance, and sorry my english

Geraldo Lopes de Souza

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