[ANN] GCC-2.95.2 for Cygwin v1.0

Mumit Khan khan@nanotech.wisc.edu
Wed Dec 1 15:27:00 GMT 1999

[ I had meant to send a note a week or so, but looks like I forgot ]

Folks who do not have Cygwin v1.0 (commercial) CD, please ignore this

Some folks have asked for F77, ObjC compilers for Cygwin v1.0 (comm. 
CD version) which does not supply these compilers. This package provides 
C, C++, F77, ObjC and Java compilers and runtime libraries for Cygwin 
v1.0 CD version. Please see INSTALL.cygv1.0 for more info. Both v1.0 
CD compilers and this one can coexist quite happily, so you don't lose 
anything. This package is unsupported (by me that is), since I just 
don't have the time to track all these different version, and my priority 
is the free Cygwin releases.


This is *COMPLETELY* unsupported (as opposed to gcc-2.95.2 for the
free net releases, which are just mildly supported) -- I just don't
have the time to maintain so many slightly incompatible versions,
sorry. I'm uploading the binaries just to avoid answering tons of
email asking for it; don't expect a response if you send me email
regarding these binaries. 

Please do read INSTALL.cygv1.0 on the ftp site before doing anything
silly like overwriting your system compiler. It's packaged to be 
installed as an *auxiliary* compiler, not the primary one.

If you wanted to use objc or g77 from this package, and c and c++ from
v1.0 compiler, you could do one of two things (and let's say you installed 
this package in /usr/local/gcc-2.95.2):

1. Make sure you have /bin *before* /usr/local/gcc-2.95.2/bin in PATH
2. Delete the c and c++ compilers from gcc-2.95.2 distribution after
   installing it.


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