Question on Cygwin User Tool licensing

Earnie Boyd
Wed Dec 1 08:37:00 GMT 1999

--- "David M. J. Saslav" <> wrote:
> I have two questions:
> Scenario:
> Company builds and ships a set of Unix command line tools as Unix shell
> scripts alongside a proprietary server product.

No problem.

> Company ports server product to Windows NT and ships that too, but
> chooses not to convert the Unix shell scripts into .BAT file
> equivalents.

No problem.

> Customers with Win32 shell emulation environments (MKS toolkit or Cygwin
> user tools) have no problem invoking and using the Unix shell scripts
> "as is" from NT workstations.

Good! ;)

> Questions:
> 1) In the case of Cygwin User tools, does this sort of use require
> purchase or licensing of the Cygwin User tools on the part of the
> Customers?

Free net downloads.  Or a purchase of the Version 1 CD allows for multiple
installs to as many machines as you wish.

> 2) What licensing terms govern the Company's use within their training
> facilities for installing and using the Cygwin user tools alongside the
> command line tools and the server product?

Differing licensing terms.  Some BSD, some GNU, some Cygnus, all OpenSource. 
See the licensing terms in the package.

The major restriction is that if _YOU_ distribute the Cygwin package then you
must be willing to provide a copy of the source.

CAVEAT EMPTOR: I'm not a lawyer and this is not legal advice.

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