Cygwin licencing

Chris Faylor
Tue Aug 31 23:49:00 GMT 1999

On Wed, Aug 25, 1999 at 06:32:27AM -0700, Chris Telting wrote:
>I was reading an old thread in the archive and I'm a bit confused now about
>the cygwin unix library licencing.  I thought it was freely usable.  But
>then I read this in the faq:
>In particular, if you intend to port a commercial (non-GPL'd) application
>using Cygwin, you will need the  commercial license to Cygwin that comes
>with the supported native Win32 GNUPro product. The commercial license for
>the Cygwin library is included in a GNUPro Toolkit subsciption. Pricing for
>GNUPro Subscription starts at $6000 for three developers and includes GNUPro
>Toolkit, Developer Support, and a commercial-use license for 100 copies of
>the cygwin library.
>I understand the library is GPL'd and not LGPL'd but if it's GPL how can
>they can cygnus can be commercial licencers if there is code from other
>contributers?  The library is a dll and as such it's dynamicly linked.  Can
>anyone clarify this?

We own 100% of the source code for the cygwin DLL.  That means that we
can relicense it as we please.

Net releases are licensed under the GPL.  Our commercial customers get
a different license and are able to release the cygwin DLL without source

If you have further questions about cygwin licensing, send mail to

Now, as Earnie suggested, it's best that this be discussed somewhere else
besides this mailing list.


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