Brendan Simon
Tue Aug 31 23:49:00 GMT 1999

Waker wrote:

> hello there.
> is there any way to exclude cygwin1.dll from linking? i don't wanna
> port any unix app to a win32, but want to compile some application
> using cygwin, and cygwin1.dll is not required. how do i do this? is
> there somehing like -nodefaultlib? =)
> i used following command line:
> g++ -o myapp myapp.cpp -Wl,-S,--strip-debug
> thanx.

I think you want the -mnocygwin option.  Check Mumit Khan's web site
(there is a link to it on the page) for a
HOWTO on compiling apps that do not require the cygwin1.dll.  Basically
the compiler will link to the Microsoft libraries instead.

Brendan Simon.

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