ADMINISTRIVIA: spam blocking policy

Larry Hall (GIS)
Tue Aug 31 23:49:00 GMT 1999

Quite true.  The reality of the situation is that those of us stuck  with
domains in ORBS have little or no control over the fate of our email.  I've
talked to my ISP several times about the problem and they claim the criteria
that causes them to be listed in ORBS is necessary for them to support their
functional requirements.  I can't really say whether that's true or not but
in the end, it's irrelevant.  I don't have the time to hound them 24 hours a
day to try to get this problem fixed and I definitely don't have the time to
be switching between multiple email accounts to get and send mail to  the
various places I correspond with.  I personally don't have a choice of ISP
in this case since my email comes through work and I'm unlikely to get the
account switched over just for my problems.  For me, it means I'm left on
the sidelines, able to "follow along" with the email list but unable to 
contribute to it on a global scale.  It has also hampered some of my code
contributions in the past.  I wonder how many other potentially good 
contributors (and I won't include myself in that category) are equally or
more hampered by similar problems.  IMHO, it would be a real shame if the 
project is getting adversely affected by something so arbitrary...

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At 09:07 AM 8/4/99 -0400, Lincoln, W. Terry wrote: 

I have just such a free e-mail account (at 
It just so happens, also, that this is one of those sites listed in the ORBS database. :~( 

Therefore, you should be a little less general about the term "or any other free-email site". 

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> You can tell them to get an account on Yahoo, Excite,  
> CityMail or anyother 
> free-email site, so they can use that account for the mailing list. 
> Greetings, 
> On 02-Aug-99 Chris Faylor wrote: 
> > I've received a few requests in the last several days from  
> people who 
> > would like me to forward their notes to the cygwin mailing  
> list since 
> > our mailing list software is blocking their submissions. 
> >  
> > So, I've come up with the form letter below.  I thought  
> that I would post 
> > it to the list so that everyone can see it and know what my  
> policy is. 
> >  
> > -chris 
> >  
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