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Ajit George
Tue Aug 31 23:49:00 GMT 1999

I think it's worth pointing out that symbolic links created with Cygwin's ln
are only interpreted as such by programs linked with the Cygwin libraries.
So, unless you work exclusively in Cygwin, you don't really have symbolic

It would be really nice if Windows shortcuts were treated by Cygwin as
symbolic links.


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> Hi
Hello Jens
> do you have some information how the ln command under cygwin
> works (can you really create symbolic links??) ...
Symbolic links are just regular text file that contain a magic and the file
name linked to.  They are recognized by having there SYS attribute set only
by Cygwin tools.  The actual contents  of the symlink file for: ln
subdir/foo.txt bar.txt
is this:
---- begin file contents bar.txt
---- end file contents bar.txt
> thx
You're welcome.
> Jens Reimann

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