McCunney, Dennis
Tue Aug 31 23:49:00 GMT 1999

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>  What is the custom on this mailing list, regarding
> answers to questions? Am I supposed to write and send
> a summary? It looks like some of the replies are to me
> personally rather than the mailing list.
> Thanks in Advance,
> Clark Sims

I think you are seeing a consequence of the way the 
mailing lists work.  While the message is posted to the 
mailing list, it is seen by the email client as being 
from you.  A standard Reply will go only to you.  
Reply to All will go to you _and_ the mailing list, and 
you'll get two copies: the one sent to you directly, 
and the one you get from the list.  If a reply is sent 
to All, you'll see your name in the To: field and the 
list's name in the CC: field.  Replies sent only to you 
should have only your name in the To: field, and no CC:.

The only real alternative is to manually change the 
addressing so that the reply goes _only_ to the mailing 
list, so that only one copy is distributed.  Whether to 
send to the list or just the poster is a judgement call 
based on how relevant you think the reply will be to the 
rest of the list.


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